In today’s world of high-tech solutions, promises are a dime a dozen. Customers are quick to realize when a company lets them down. It takes a company many years to develop a reputation built on trust, around solutions that work as advertised. As the saying goes, it has to be earned. For more than a quarter of a century, NET has delivered solutions for multi-service networks requiring high degrees of versatility, security and performance. NET has built a solid reputation around quality products, quality service and quality support. Our customers, ranging from global Fortune 50 corporations to the elite Government Agencies are quick to agree that their experience with NET time and again; from sales and installation to service and support has solidified their trust in NET as a company that can be trusted when others have failed. Inside every NET product is a company you can trust.

That said, NET delivers high performance networking solutions optimized for secure real-time communications in unified communications (UC), SIP Trunking, enterprise mobility, and IP-based multi-service networking.

We are the Leading Distributor of NET Technologies in the Philippines.

Tenor AF Series – Survivable
The Quintum® Tenor® AF Series gives small businesses, SOHOs and branch offices with analog voice infrastructures an easy, cost-effective way to capitalize on the power of Voice over IP (VoIP). Tenors offer a complete survivable branch office solution providng support for integrating analog endpoints and the PSTN, while offering back-up call processing support for all SIP and analog calls.

Tenor AF Series

Tenor AS Series – Survivable

Tenor AS Series

Tenor AX Series – Survivable
An all-in-one solution for businesses with analog voice infrastructures.

Tenor AX Series

Tenor BX Series – Survivable

Tenor BX Series
The Tenor BX offers enterprises using ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) lines an easy, cost-effective way to capitalize on the power of VoIP.

Tenor DX Series – Survivable

Tenor DX Series
For enterprises needing up to 8 T1/E1/PRI spans.

Tenor CMS
An easy, cost-effective way to deliver low-cost, high-quality voice services over IP networks.

Tenor Hybrid Gateway 60

Tenor Call Relay Session Border Controller
A more intelligent way to enter the VoIP market.

Tenor GateKeeper+
A more intelligent way to support call management of VoIP network.

Tenor DXi Integrated VoIP Switch

Remote Management Session Server
Simplify configuration and management of remotely deployed Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switches

Tenor Call Routing Server

Tenor Monitor – Software included with Tenor VoIP Switches
The Tenor Monitor is Quintum’s extremely flexible, most user-friendly tool for monitoring alarms, call status, and CDRs on a Tenor-based VoIP network in real time.